Compressor Engine


AAA = Compressor model BB = Approximate motor power in HP.

TIPO: Compresor Reciprocante y Alternativo, dos o cuatro cilindros, refrigerado por aire, de una o dos etapas, accionado por un motor de 3 o 4 cilindros, cuatro tiempos, motor refrigerado por agua a gas natural. Opción motor Eléctricos también está disponible.


Its operation is at low speed so it requires less maintenance, producing more volume m3d (Mpcd) for each HP. The valve design allows the machine to work efficiently at low temperatures.

It features advanced oil pump lubrication system design and High Performance Oil filter improves life and improves reliability. Fully counterbalanced nodular iron crankshaft. Internally drilled crankshaft and connecting rods to ensure positive pressure lubrication reaching all critical areas. Heavy duty valves with steel discs, alloy steel for seats allowing a long life of said elements.

High strength aluminum alloy connecting rods equipped with automotive type inserts. Needle bearing piston for strength and long life. Crankshaft bearings supported by top quality tapered roller type bearings to support large radial and axial loads. Large fan with low noise and more efficient heat dissipation.

Compressor components

  • Drive: Belt drive via power take-off on the engine.
  • Base: One-piece, 5\’x 7\’, welded steel equipped with eyebolts, forklift or wheeled trailer entry for easy transport.
  • Piping: high pressure steel lines with hoses to absorb vibrations at the compressor inlet and outlet. Manual vent and purge line installed at end of discharge to start motor without load. Two stage compressors have internal cooling stage.
  • Safety Switches: The Packaged Compressor is equipped with the following cut-off devices:
  • Low oil pressure and level.
  • Low lubricant level and compressor oil pressure.
  • High – under suction pressure.
  • High – low discharge pressure.
  • High discharge gas temperature.
  • High engine coolant temperature.
  • High level of liquids (condensates) in the suction and discharge of the scrubbers.
  • Control panel: Suitable for outdoor service in steel box with glass cover. Instruments include: electronic tachometer and engine hour meter. Engine and Compressor provided with oil pressure gauge. Suction and discharge provided with pressure gauges. Discharge with temperature indicator. Digital alarm for safety stop switches.
  • Scrubbers: 12″ x 48″ TK inlet size. 6″ x 30″ discharge gas canister. Equipped with pressure safety valves and manual drain valves. Option automatic discharge valves.
  • Fuel system: Suction pipe from scrubber for gas start-up and from gas discharge for operation. Fuel pressure regulator (natural gas) and carburetor for the air/fuel mixture.
  • Finish: All components of the Packaged Compressor are cleaned, sandblasted and painted.
  • Dimensions: Base is 1.50 x 2.15 meters (5 \’x 7\’). The maximum height is 1.60 meters (64″). Weight ranges from 700 to 1600 kgs (1500 to 3500 lbs). Depending on the model.