Carburetor 110

The Model 110  is a carburetor/mixer designed primarily for single and twin cylinder engines where. There are pressure pulsations in the intake manifold. However, its use is not limited to these applications. Improved mixture control and air-to-gas valve durability can also benefit other intake system applications where pressure pulsations can adversely affect the standard 100/125 assembly. The Model 110 can be used with LPG Vapor or Natural Gas in applications requiring up to 80.2 L/s. All mixers and complete carburetors use a standard air and gas metering valve that provides proper fuel mixing range with the appropriate positive (natural gas) or negative (LPG vapor) vaporizer/regulator. Other 100/125 air-gas metering valves and body assemblies  can be used and must be ordered as a separate component.


Fuel type: LPG or Natural Gas
Inlet Pressure– 0.0037 Bar
Working Temperature Range: -40° a 121° C                                                                               Mounting position: Vertical
Diaphragm Material: Silicone or EPDM
HP/KW Performance: 106 HP o 79 KW a 80.2 L/S manifold de 2”