DGA 656 TC

Naturally aspirated, spark-ignition, four-stroke, air-cooled vertical gas engine. Created to comply with environmental protection and quality standards. The modular design ensures component standardization, which solves spare parts supply issues. Being air-cooled, it works efficiently in different weather conditions and is easy to maintain..

Its industrial applications can be power generation, tractors, mining, petroleum, earthmoving, construction, material handling, fluid handling, offshore, agribusiness and automotive market segments.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Carburetor components.
  • Lubricating oil cooler.
  • Lubricating oil filter.
  • Engine stop lever (manual operator).
  • Engine safety shutdown due to low oil pressure and high temperature.
  • Torsional vibration damper on crankshaft pulley as applicable.
  • Automatic belt tension unit.
  • Electronic/mechanical engine shutdown system in case of V-belt failure.