Carburetor 100

The Model 100 is a single diaphragm air-gas valve carburetor/mixer. It offers a 90-degree air intake to provide low ground clearance and is available with various air horn and throttle body options. This unit is available for natural gas and LPG vapor applications with airflow requirements up to 197 CFM (93 L/s). The Model 100 is also available for feedback applications with the designation “FB”. The Mixer 100 provides a convenient 1/8 NPT balance port and two separate air valve vacuum ports. Additional low speed idle mixture control to reduce air/fuel mixtures can be obtained through the use of optional shims.


Fuel type: LPG or Natural Gas
Inlet Pressure: – 0.0037 Bar
Working Temperature Range-40° a 121° C
Mounting position: Vertical
Diaphragm Material: Silicone or EPDM
HP/KW Performance123 HP o 97.1 KW a 93 L/S manifold de 2”