Fixed rocker beam type

In a conventional gas well, reservoir pressure must exceed line pressure to produce gas.

As well age increases and reservoir pressure decreases, natural gas extraction becomes more difficult.

Our DIADEMA COMPRESSION systems manage to reduce the inter-column pressure, taking the gas from the reservoir to the compressor inlet, and increasing the outlet pressure, injecting it into the production line. 

This increases the production rate by an average of 50%, which increases Cash Flow. It also increases recovery rate significantly, prolonging production time and providing a healthier balance.

On the other hand, in an unconventional gas well, the reservoir is the artificially fractured area, which can be 7,500 meters (25,000 ft) from the wellhead. Pressure and flows are substantially depleted in the initial year of production, and total well life is significantly shorter than conventional wells.

Our DIADEMA Surface Compressor systems are essential to increase production after the first year avoiding a sharp decrease in production  and prolonging liquid loading, extending the production lead time by approximately another year and a half before a plunger lift / gas lift type system is needed. DIADEMA compressors provide high added value and a higher rate of return from unconventional gas resources.