Pump Off Controllers

Performance Curve

DIADEMA represents the firm D-Jax in Argentina and South America with its Pump-Off Controller Penny PINCHER.

This Pump-off device is simpler, more reliable and cheaper than other Pump-Off controllers currently on the market.

The Penny Pincher is found in more than 10,000 running applications worldwide. D-JAX also developed EZ Draw to more easily read oil well dynamometer charts without intervention or stopping.

The D-Jax Pump-Off can be used in any AIB equipment and works with electrical energy (12 Vdc, 220 Vac, 110 Vac, etc.); It also has a telemetry module with MODBUS protocol to communicate with SCADA systems.

The PENNY PINCHER PLUS is now ready for Telemetry

It was designed to be compatible with all modes of communication (free wave radio, cell phone, satellite or hard-wired). Telemetry uses the industry standard Modbus protocol and is compatible with most communications software packages, including Theta XSPOC companies.