6SL90TA M2

Product at a Glance for generations

Air intake system

  • Dry type cleaner
  • Vacuum indicator 
  • Air intake manifold
  • Turbocharger, as applicable

Exhaust system

  • Exhaust manifold dry type
  • S. s. expansion bellow

Fuel System

  • Fuel filter
  • In line mono block fuel pump with inbult mechanical/electronic governor.

Cooling system

  • Heat exchanger with expansion tank
  • Fresh water pump
  • Sea water pump
  • Charge air cooler, if applicable
  • Thermostat installed in fresh water circuit

Lubricating oil system

  • Lube oil sump suitable for marine installation
  • Lube oil pump-gear driven
  • Lube oil cooler – engine mounted (fresh water cooled ) as applicable.
  • Lube oil filter
  • Oil filling with cap for engine oil sump falling and lube oil dipstick for lube oil level check engine mounted

Starting system

  • 12/24V DC Electrical Starting System consisting of
  • 12/24 V DC Starter
  • 12/24 V DC Battery charging alternator

Engine Monitoring

  • Digital display will be provided for the following
  • Lube oil pressure
  • Fresh water temperature
  • Tacho and hour indication
  • Battery charging voltage

Safety controls

  • Annunciation panel for audio visual alarms/trips
  • High fresh water temperature alarm and trip
  • Low lube oil pressure alarm and trip
  • High lube oil temperature alarm
  • Jacketed high pressure fuel pipe failure alarm
  • Over-speed protection

Other engine parts/Accessories

  • Flywheel with starter gear ring
  • Flywheel housing