Ferrous and non-ferrous metal foundry services

JICEC has a foundry , offering a variety of alloys , covering all fields of engineering.

Our service ranges from design to the final part ready for use.

Analysis and Design of parts

We’re qualified to develop new products from a required necessity of our clients.

Definition and construction of models

We’re able to build and optimize models from requested parts.


We have systems that allow the manufacture of small parts in series, as well as for the construction of single and complex parts.
In the molding process , the sands and additives are subjected to quality controls.

Melting and Casting

We provide castings of the most diverse alloys.
Within ferrous materials are: grey iron cast, alloyed, pearlitics, nodular and we also manufacture steel castings of low and medium carbon content. We specialize in stainless steels, austenitic , martensitic and duplex. In the field of non-ferrous materials we manufacture aluminum alloys and bronze according to specifications.

CNC Machining

JICEC has an infrastructure with modern machines capable of machining large batches of parts, complex productions and precision with CAD / CAM programs in all types of materials.
Dimensional control with large stock of measuring and control instruments.

Quality Control

Our parts are submitted to strict quality controls. In all phases of the process, the corresponding controls are performed to ensure product conformity. In our laboratory the chemical, metallographics, mechanicals and structural properties of parts are determined and the END are performed. We have calibrated instruments with international standards and process simulation systems that help to reduce possible failures.