1. Initial
  2. Tubing pump
  3. Rods
      • Specific rod design
      • API steel rod design
      • SROD steel rod design
  4. Pumping unit
  5. CBAL
  6. Engine/speed
  7. Calculation of the pump capacity
  8. Shallow well
  9. Deflection
  10. Wellbore path design
  11. Friction and lateral loads
  12. Run cases
      • Simple run cases
      • Simultaneous or multiple run cases
  13. Results analysis
      • Single page report
      • General information
      • Rod loading report
      • Input data
      • Rod guide design
      • Electric report rod guide design
      • Dyno graph
      • Reducer torque v. rod position
      • Motor current v. rod position
      • Motor power factor v. rod position
      • Motor kw input v. rod position
      • Axial/buckling load
      • Side/drag load
      • Well deviation
      • Multiple cases comparison
      • Import to Microsoft Excel
      • Superpose cases of visualization charts
      • export reports
      • Personalization reports
  14. Other instruments SROD
      • Animation
      • Pump simulation
      • Economic evaluations

This targets the personnel that use this software. This is a powerful program for simulation and design of mechanical pumps, it is precise and complete. This program includes new design concepts for the extraction systems like rod design with weight bars and verification of the buckling effect.