Well analysis:

    1. Depth of the well
    2. Gross production
    3. Static level
    4. Dynamic level
    5. Productivity index-concept
    6. Water percentage
    7. Gas/Petroleum relationship
    8. Density
    9. Viscosity

    Mechanical pump elements-analysis
    The pump:

    1. Pump efficiency
    2. Loss by runoff in the piston

    The chain of rods

    1. Static efforts
    2. Dynamic efforts
    3. Maximum load in the piston rods
    4. Minimum load in the piston rods
    5. Work tension on the rods
    6. String rods combination
    7. Piston stroke

    Pump apparatus
    Mechanical pump-calculus and design

    1. API norm method
    2. Conventional method

    This topic is based on the calculus and design in mechanical pumping. This describes the technical foundation base of a mechanical pump.
    This course is targeting to young professionals, production operative managers, and zone managers.