• Introduction, definition, general concepts on maintenance, types of maintenance (corrective, predictive, preventive, and programmed).
  • Pumping equipment maintenance. - Component parts, API terminology, AIB load and torque concepts. Diverse types of AIB’s geometrical differences. Different types of counterweight, AIB’s with displace crank, geometric MarkII, Norma API spec 11E class I and class III. Details of the reducer boxes, torque diagram, different teeth on the gears, lubrication of the reducer box, oil levels. AIB’s long road, other geometry of AIB’s, routine maintenance, safety, verifications, lubrication of bearings, duty list to be performed for the maintenance of AIB’S. Other operations in the pumping equipment. Counterweight, change of run.
  • Maintenance of the combustion engines. - Engines description and function principles, routine maintenance, general control, feeding, RPM, temperature, oil, duty list.

Other operations of the combustion engines, pulley change, pulley verification, change of transmission belt, sections (profiles) of belts. Belt selection profile. Belt tensions, electric engine contact, breaker, starter contact, electric engine, general considerations.

  • Maintenance of the impulse pump. - Piston pump, description, hydraulic body and mechanical body. Pumps of simple and double effects, displacement, and description of component parts of the alternative pump. Triple pump of simple effect.

Pulsation bumper, pump specifications, sample of calculation of the pump flow.
Technical characteristics of the pumps Stork 45-60, 50-100, 75-120.
Centrifuge pumps, rotating pump, routine maintenance of the pumps.
This is targeting the maintenance mechanics who work with combustion engines and alternative pump AIB’s.