• Range of utilization, maximum useable power, temperature.
  • Components, multistage pump, pump’s characteristics.
  • Flowing and compression stages, advantages of each phase.
  • Curves’ characteristics.
  • Engine characteristics, applications, ranges. Engine configuration, voltage, amperage, and especial engine characteristics. Motor oil selection. BES engine rating.
  • Protector or seal, function and characteristics. Type of protectors’ maze and sack. Module used. Protector operation cycles. Filling the engine and protector with oil.
  • Power cable, types of cables used. Size of caliber AWG of the cable. Cable configuration selection.
  • Limitations of the depth of settlement of the BES
      • Liner casting
      • Operation temperature
      • Limit pressure admissible of the housing
      • Axel resistance of the pump
      • Load capacity of the bearing of axial loading (thrust-bearing) of the protector
      • Maximum usable power of the engine
  • Practical recommendation in the selections of pumps
  • Selection of intake. Recommendation of gas intake/separator
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the use of the system
  • Practical recommendations in the selection of equipment
  • Operation, management of BES equipment. Management of used equipment. Installation, start-up, recovery of the BES. BES start-up. Recommendations for the recovery and reinstallation of the BES. Engines, protectors, pumps.
  • Voltage optimization of operation in the BES systems
      • Effects of the reduction of voltage on the engine amperage
      • Effects of the reduction of voltage on the torque and the engine speed
      • Effects of the reduction of voltage on the power factor

Application recommendations. Procedures for voltage optimization.

  • Abrasive fluids production
      • Attack the problem at the bottom of the well, control the sand
      • Produce well’s flow in the present conditions
      • Change the type of lift
      • Close the well
      • Conclusion and recommendations for the operation
  • Corrosive fluids production
  • Fluid production with tendencies of scale formation
  • Fluid production highly related to gas/petroleum. Advance Gas Handling device (AGH) of REDA
  • Temperature consideration
  • Amperometric chart interpretation

The Electrical Submergible Pump (ESP) system is been used to move high volume production, used in the Cuenca generally in the Rec. Secondary wells. This course is targeting young professionals, production operative managers, and zone managers.