Pump Off Controllers

DIADEMA represents the company D-Jax in Argentina and South America with their Pump-Off Controller Penny PINCHER

Penny Pincher Pump Off Controls have been applied to a broad range of beam pumped wells. shallow wells and deep wells (13,000 + feet), wells with difficult pumping conditions, stripper wells and high volume wells have all benefited from the application of D-Jax pump off controls. The low acquisition cost makes the Penny Pincher an excellent choice for "stripper" type wells that cannot justify the expense of more costly controls.
The Pump-Off from D-Jax can be used in any Pumping Unit and it works with electric energy (12 Vcc, 220 Vca, 110 Vca, etc). Also it has a telemetry module with MODBUS protocol for communication with a SCADA system.


Remote monitoring and control via radio, cell phone, hard wire and satellite is available from the Penny Pincher Plus. D-Jax Telemetry is MODBUS protocol and is compatible with most SCADA software packages including XSPOC. D-Jax Corporation has communications consultants that can design and install custom communications networks from small local systems to world-wide internet networks. D-Jax can deliver a cost effective, efficient telemetry system that will precisely fit the customers' requirements.