Micron Oil Filter

Save money, time and protect the environment


This oil filter system refines and purifies by removing solid particles, liquids and gas contaminants. These filter eliminate solid particles the size of a micron, this makes the oil change last up 100,000 miles in cases of automobile, trucks, elevators, etc. or 6,000 hours in the case of generators or stationary engines.

These filtration systems were created about 30 years ago in the aerospace industry, and have been developed now on a commercial scale for vehicle and industrial use. These filtration systems have been installed in all types of engines propelled by fuels like gasoline, diesel and natural gas.


  • Extend maintenance services to intervals of 20,000 – 30,000 miles or 2,000 working hours.
  • Extend oil changes to intervals of 100,000 miles or 6,000 working hours.
  • Increase the life of your engine.
  • Improve the fuel consumption and reduce emission.
  • The problems with residuals on oil changes are virtually eliminated.
  • Reduce the adverse effects in engines with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
  • Remove gases resulting in a cleaner emission.
  • Potential to optimize the demand of local oil vs the foreign market by 84%. Study by the American Petroleum Institute (API) on the annual consumption of 10.9 million barrels of oil shows, if you use our filtration system you can reduce the consumption of oil by as much as 1.7 million barrels of oil.


All manufacturing processes are carried out in our own facilities , from the careful selection of raw materials and under the strictest levels of quality control.