Casing Gas Compressor

Balance beam compressor

Packaged Moto- gas compressor override

Natural gas compressor model: DDMM-AAA-BB skid type

AAA=compressor model
BB=motor power in HP

Type: Reciprocal and alternative compressor, two or four cylinders, air cooled, one or two cycles, three or four cylinders engine action, four gears, loader cooled engine or running on natural gas. We have the option available of electric engines.

Compressor design's characteristics

Operates at low speed, therefore, requires less maintenance, produces more volume m3d (Mpcd) per HP. The valve design allows the machine to work efficiently under low temperatures.

This compressor is lubricated by an advance designed of oil pump and high efficiency oil filters of that prolong the life of the compressor. The fully counterbalanced crankshaft is made of nodular iron. Crankshaft and rods are perforated to ensure lubrication to the most critical areas of the compressor. Service valves are weighted with steel discs; the steel alloy allows a long life of such elements.

High resistance aluminum alloy rods are equipped with self-propelled inserts. Pistons have needle bearings for high power and long life. Crankshaft bedplates supported by bearings of high quality conical rollers to support large radial and axial loads. It has a large exhaust-fan, quieter than most and has more efficient heat dispersion.

Compressor components

Unit: Belt transmission through power takes off on the engine.
Base: One piece of 5’ X 7’ of welded steel equipped with a ring-bolt has access for an auto lift or a trailer for easy transport.
Piping: high pressure steel lines with hoses to absorb the vibration at the access and the exit of the compressor. Manual vent and purge line are installed at the end of the discharge, to start the engine without a load. Compressor of two cycles has one internal cooling cycle.

Safety breaker: the packaged compressor is equipped with the following breakers.

  • Low pressure and level of oil
  • Low lubricant level and oil pressure in the compressor
  • Low/high suction pressure
  • Low/high discharge pressure
  • High temperature of gas discharge
  • High temperature in the cooling fluid in the engine
  • High levels of condensation in the suction and discharge of the scrubbers

Control Panel: It is able to work outdoors in a steel box with glass cover. This includes an electric tachometer hourly counter of the engine. Engine and compressor are provided with oil pressure gauges. Suction and discharge are equipped with pressure gauges. Discharge with temperature indicator. Digital alarm for the switches of safety shutdown switches

Scrubbers: intake size 12”x48”, discharge gas recipient 6”x30”. It is equipped with pressure safety valves and manual drainage valve. An automatic discharge valve is optional.

Fuel system: Suction piping from the scrubber for the start-up of the gas and from discharge of gas for its operation. It has a fuel pressure regulator for natural gas and a carburetor for the air/fuel mixture.

Finished: all components are cleaned, sand blasted and painted.

Base 1,50 x 2,15 m (5’x7’)
Heights 1,60 m (64”)
Weight: 700 to 1600 kg (1500 to 3500 lb.) Depending on the model.