KNG 6200E Engine

Natural gas fueled engine for oil well pumping service


Engine speed can be set to between 300 and 1100 rpm and 62 HP for this model. No other pump jack engine offers the flexibility of this KNG.

This new model from DIADEMA KNG offers the following advantages:

  • More power at low revs with higher torque, stable in a range of 400-900 rpm.
  • Integrated balancing system of the engine that reduces the vibrations to established normative values for this type of equipments.
  • Low maintenance and operative cost.
  • One piece block to avoid oil leaks.
  • The design contemplates the same parts of the KNG 3200E and consequently uses the same standard parts.
  • The engine has an efficient ignition, lubrication, cooling system that requires low maintenance.
  • Exhaust emission certication.

New Integrated Balancing system of the engine

Engine's Information 

 Performance Curve

Main advantage and features

  • Widest range of speed between 300 to 1100 RPM.
  • Electric starter is predetermined by the manufacture.
  • The starter is sealed to prevent rain and environmental mishap damages.
  • For security, the starter crown is not exposed.
  • Low operation cost.
  • Easy and quick maintenance at the well.
  • Confident.
  • Its base of iron makes this engine strong, greatly reducing the vibrations.
  • High durability.
  • Design for heavy service.
  • On the field use.
  • Optical level of motor oil: easy and fast refill with engine running.
  • It's EPA certified.
  • Low consumption of fuel.
  • Air filter made of paper, light and non-contaminant.
  • Radiator consists of welded tubes with steel plate.
  • Electric ignition system.
  • Less than 50% consumption of fuel than a diesel engine of the same power.
  • High torque.


Nobody else offers a warranty period of 365 days. That means 8760 hours of continuous operation. A revolution in warranties for continuos-operation engines.

All manufacturating processes are carried out on our own facilities, from carefully selected raw materials, and under the most stringent levels of quality control.