KND 3200E Engine

Diesel engine for oil well pumping service


DIADEMA ENGINE also manufactures diesel engines version. These engines can be used for Oil Well Services or irrigation . The KND Line 3200E has a maximum power of 32 HP.
Our model KND 3200E is used in irrigation systems, farms, deep water wells, wheat mills. The line ER 32D is be using in oil well service for Pump Jacks and PCP.

Engine's Information 

 Performance Curve

Benefits and Advantages

  • Low fuel consumption about 50 % lower than a diesel engine of the same power
  • High Torque


Nobody else offers a warranty period of 365 days. That means 8760 hours of continuous operation. A revolution in warranties for continuos-operation engines.

All manufacturating processes are carried out on our own facilities, from carefully selected raw materials, and under the most stringent levels of quality control.