DIADEMA ENGINE manufactures engines with the know-how of KUBOTA, using in the individual mechanical pumping units design for oil wells.

The sturdy construction is equipped for demanding heavy work 24/7 and 365 days a year, eliminating down time and loss of production.

These engines of low rpms result in low wearing out and low maintenance. In some cases depending regions or countries, DIADEMA ENGINE has demonstrated lower cost in operation versus an electric engine.

These engines are capable to use the natural gas from the well using low or high BTU for their functions, resulting in the elimination of extension cable cords, transport of liquid fuel and/or costly investments. Without making any changes to the engine, it can be fueled with GLP, propane, butane, methanol, natural gas, or Biogas.

We manufacture three different types of engines: the KNG 1600E, KNG 3200E, and the KNG 6200E their horse power ranges between 5 thru 62 HP.

These types of engines have been installed from as far south of Argentina/Chile to the north of Canada, and to the Middle East.