DIADEMA offers a wide range of products and services focused to satisfy the demands of the petroleum industry.

Our principal activity is the manufacturing of engines of low rpm (slow speed engines) to be used on mechanical pump units (Pump Jacks) or Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP). We have been doing this for the past 25 years in Argentina.

Also we have a variety of artificial lift products that improve the productivity of gas and petroleum wells. Our automation division provides a full line of products for monitoring, control, supervision and the optimization of the extraction system.
Our plant has an exclusive line of services, equipped for engine repairs (any brand). We have the capability to lend provisional engines while we work on the down engine.

KND 3200E Engine
KNG 1600E Engine
Sand Filter Control
KNG 3200E Engine
Reservoir Function
KNG 6200E Engine
Mechanical Pumping
Micron Oil Filter
Pogressive Cavity Pump
Electrosumergible Pump
Ignition System
Plunger Lift EN
Pumping Units
Mechanical Maintenance Course
Pump Off Controllers
Production Operative Course
Casing Gas Compressor
Mechanical Pump - Analysis and design
Stuffing Box Rubbers
Srod (Nabla) - System Design Software
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