About Us


The story of DIADEMA began in 1985, then known under the name of JICEC S.A.. This company was founded by Mr. Carmelo Enrique Cáceres in the city of Quilmes, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In the beginning the company was dedicated to engineering, manufacturing, repair and sales of industrial products.

Rapidly JICEC became the main company for engineering and local projects for its work in Quilmes Brewery. In 1989 the petroleum industry became the principal activity for JICEC taking on the representation and distribution of the well-known KUBOTA motors, using individual mechanical pumping units, which turned into a fundamental part of the business growth for JICEC. The same year the first engines were installed in mining, which gave origin to the brand DIADEMA™, from the zone of Diadema located in nearby Comodoro Rivadaria.

By the 1990’s, DIADEMA-JICEC takes a leading role in South America assisting KUBOTA in dealing with other South American countries, which made DIADEMA-JICEC a regional distributor. Finally in 1995 KUBOTA decided to terminate the manufacture of engines for the petroleum industry, dedicating their business solely to the manufacture of multi-cylinders diesel engines, generators, and lawn equipment. JICEC bought the rights to the manufacture of engines for the petroleum industry under the label of DIADEMA.

In a constant process of innovation and perfection DIADEMA ENGINES manufactured more efficient, more competitive engines meeting the demands of the petroleum industry, adding a maintenance free ignition systems, air filters without oil bath making their product safe for the environment, making this product efficient, trusted, and highly productive.


The year 2000 started the expansion of DIADEMA and Cáceres Group around the world...
The Cáceres Group was formed by a group of companies with JICEC in charge of all the local services in Argentina, Engintech in charge the distribution, export and commercialization of DIADEMA, and ARUS CORPORATION DBA DIADEMA USA for the distribution in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The headquarter is located in Parque Industrial Tecnologico Quilmes Ex-Batallon Viejo Bueno with 1,05 Hectares (3.70 acres) and an area built 5.500 m2 (60,000 square foot).
The first phase of the company was dedicated to the manufacture natural gas or diesel engines for use in mechanical petroleum pump units (AIB), under KUBOTA of Japan license.
In 2002, new export markets like Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Emirates United Arabs were opened.

In the year 2004, DIADEMA puts in production new intergrading machinery with new technology and computerize controls.
DIADEMA was and continues to be the leader in the manufacture of engines for use in mechanical pump units in Argentina. It has manufactured 3,500 units.

Today DIADEMA not only is dedicated to the manufacture of engines, but also brings to their costumers complete technical services in the areas of surface maintenance, assembly of units, artificial lifting units, improving the production, automation and repairs in our manufacturing plant and also in the field. Thanks to our infrastructure, experience and our highly knowledgeable technicians, DIADEMA is the only manufacture of horizontal engines used for mechanical pumping units in the country. DIADEMA brings a vast array of services and consultation on engines and systems for the more efficient production of petroleum and natural gas wells.